The One Actor Kalki Admires The Most

In her new film Mantra Kalki plays  the redoubtable Rajat Kapoor’s daughter.They have enormously powerful scenes together where long-suppressed emotions have to come bubbling and bumbling to the surface.

In one lengthy one-take sequence Kalki accuses her father played byRajat, of having a  third child only so that he couild correct the parenting mistakes he made with his first two children.

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Like all dedicated actors Rajat only listens to Kalki in the scene and responds.

Kalki  is all praise for her Mantra co-star Rajat Kapoor. “Working with Rajat is a learning experience.It’s not as if I got to know him only during the making of Mantra. I’ve known Rajat for five years before Mantra when he directed me in Hamlet The Crown Prince.Rajat is one of the most humble sorted down-to-earth people I know.”

What Kalki likes about Rajat is his humility. “Taking interest in every person on the set is not an affectation for him. He truly has time and attention for everyone. He has a genuine word if  concern with everyone on the sets.And  he  knows each persona by name.And he has never cared to  surround himself with trappings of success.”

Kalki would like to be similarly unaffected by the trappings of success. “I’m happy in the space that I’ve made.”


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