8 Factors That Make Udta Punjab The Most Motivational Film Since Rang De Basanti


The CBFC(Censor Board Of Film Certification) was wrong . Udta Punjab is not a threat to the sovereignty of the nation. The only  “threatened” species in the film are  the fetid politics and stagnant law agencies of the land which don’t only foster corruption but actively encourage it.

  1. Not since Shekhar Kapoor’s Bandit Queen have I seen a woman’s violation treated with such complete absence of titillation.The film is frightening in its intensity and savage into satirical stabs at the holy cows. A senior police office of Punjab(played with menacing quietude by Manav Vij) finds a picture of a young Bihari migrant (AliaBhatt)on his  phone, hunts her down captured and drugged in politician’s house ,and rapes her.
  2. Not since Rang De Basanti have I witnessed a film so keenly sold on eradicating corruption through the power of the young. Here in Udta Punjab a reformed cop Sartaj Singh(Diljit Dosanjh) gets together with a noble doctor(Kareena Kapoor) to track down a dangerous drug cartel.The shoot-out at the end is disturbingly cathartic as we see the bad guys fall to the crowd in a bloodied mess that salutes the patriotic fascism of Rang De Basanti.
  3. It’s not about Punjab.And it’s also not about the basanti sarso fields of Punjab. Udta Punjab takes us to the killing fields of the State. It’s about you me and contemporary India. Mera Bharat Mahaan. Here young  people get lured into drugs and women  get sucked into prostitution. This is not  a “dangerous drama” created for the camera. It is the reality. The more you shun it the more you are susceptible to succumb to the inertia and immorality that has gripped our nation.
  4. All four principal actors Shahid Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Alia Bhatt and Diljit Dosanjh were directorAbhishek Choubey’s first choice. They all took a pay-cut because the four superstars knew they were not part of aManmohan Desai multi-starrer but a film designed to rip a gaping hole into our fragile framework of nationalism.
  5. What lies beneath…is a young desperately girl as she is raped repeatedly by an exploitative social system where the poor are forever compromised.I see Alia Bhatt’s character as a metaphor for what some politicians and privileged economic offenders are doing to India.
  6. Tommy Singh’s filthy stardom is a spitting image of what Yo Yo Honey Singh used to be.Filthy lyrics, on-stage antics, drug overdose …or was it bipolar disorder?Honey Singh overcame all the wages of excesses. So, we hope, does Tommy Singh after he finds love.

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