9 Bollywood Celebs Who Refuse To Age And Are Probably Vampires !!!!

Who says you can’t avoid ‘ageing’? Come on, just think young, eat healthy, exercise and you’ll stay fresh and young forever. Age is just a number as they say. Here are some lucky Bollywood actors who defy science by growing younger day by day. Are they Vampires 🙂 🙂 🙂

50-year-old Aamir Khan had already stopped ageing since he turned 20.

Evergreen actor Jeentendra is now 70 years old but he looks younger than your boyfriend.

And 60-year-old Rekha stills looks as gorgeous as she looked thirty years ago.  And obviously she looks younger than your girlfriend.

I can’t believe 66-year-old Hema Malini grows old together with her daughter Esha Deol.

Shabana Azmi – that’s 40 years difference!

32 years later Sri Devi still looks like she is in her 20s.

Don’t be surprised if superstar Amitabh Bachchan happens to cast along his granddaughter Aradhya 20 years later in a movie.

Shah Rukh Khan, the only actor who actually grows younger everytime he does a new movie. How immortal!

And 30 years later when you become a grandfather/grandmother, this is how Anil Kapoor would look like.

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