9 Little Known Facts About Movie Padmavati


  1. It doesn’t  have a  single  shot  of Rani Padmavati showing any  sign of affection or even empathy towards her adversary Allauddin Khilji. Throughout the film, as Ranveer’s Khilji  tries  to  break down the Rani’s barriers she scoffs, mocks, sneers and darts red-hot  hatred at him, Romancing the invader? No way. In fact so  intense is Deepika’s portrayal of animosity towards ‘Rascal’ Ranveer that  the joke on  the sets was  no  producer  would dare  to cast  the two together as a  couple again.
  2. Deepika’s dancing in  the Ghoomar song is just a small part  of  her presence  in  Padmavati. Throughout she  is shown to be more a warrior than an artiste. Her battle scenes  on top of a horse were all shot with Deepika. No double was used.She is all there, fighting in the battlefield with a ferocity that makes Mel Gibson’s Braveheart  look wimpy.
  3. There was apprehension that Shahid Kapoor who plays  Deepika’s  husband may not….errrr…match up to her, at least in his physical height. But Shahid turned out to be as tall as Deepika. Everybody breathed a  sigh of relief. Shahid and Deepika who play a husband and  wife barely exchanged hellos on  the sets while Deepika and Ranveer who barely exchange pleasantries on screen in Padmavati were on anything  but on  ‘hello’ terms in real life.
  4. To keep that political distance between Rani Padmavati and Allluddin  Khilji which  is  part  of  their mutual presence in the  film, Sanjay LeelaBhansali  ordered Deepika and Ranveer  to keep away  from  each other’s company. However, the two would sneak a chat, snatch a moment when Bhansali was  not looking until he came to know what’s happening behind  his back.
  5. There’s  no homosexual angle to Ranveer’s character, as reported in a section of  the  press. Says a  source, “Bad enough that Ranveeris   playing the baddie.To also play gay would have been a  bit too much to take  for  his image.”
  6. When  Bhansalidevised Padmavati ten years  ago he  wanted to cast Aishwarya Rai as  Padmavati and Salman as Khilji.Weirdly that  would have been  another real-life  couple  playing sworn enemies on screen.But Aishwarya  was  busy playing another Royal  Queen  in  Jodha Akbar.And she had fallen out with Salman.
  7. In  2008 when  SanjayBhansali performed  the opera  version  of  Padmavati in Paris he vowed  to  make the film  the biggest of his career.He  rang up Aishwarya from Paris to declare, “You will be my Padmavati.”  He  would  stage  the epic spectacle every night at the prestigious Theatre Chatletand  write  the screenplay  for the film version  in the  morning as he  strolled  by the Seine listening to Lata Mangeshkar’s songs.
  8. “Padmavati is inspired by Lataji’s  voice,” SLB once  confessed  to me.The songs  of Bhansali’s Padmavati are dedicated Lataji. She inspired K Asifin Mughal-e-Azam and  Raj Kapoor  in Satyam Shivum Sunderam. Now it’s Bhansali’s turn.
  9. At  3 hours and 2 minutes Padmavati is  SLB’s lengthiest film ever.Half an  hour  of   the film will be  cut for  the international  version of the film.

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