Aamir, Big B’s Big War Over Death Scene?

Amitabh Bachchan is  not  new  to battles over death sequences .When he was shooting for Hrishikesh  Mukherjee’s NamakHaraam  44 years ago  there was  huge tussle with his co-star Rajesh Khanna  as  to who gets to die at the end.

 Hrishida, cunning man that he was, didn’t tell them.Instead, on the day the death scene  was  to be shot he placed a garlanded picture of Rajesh Khanna  on the set.

 A similar tug-o-war seems to be on between  the two leading men in Vijay Krishna  Acharya’s Thugs  Of Hindostan as  to who gets to die at the end.According to sources the  big fight between Aamir Khan and Amitabh Bachchan  at  the plot’s climax,ends with one  of them dying. It  is  yet to be decided who.

Says a  source, “Everyone knows in Hindi cinema the hero’s death makes  it all the more heroic. Both  the  Big B and Aamir are keen to exit the script with a mortal flourish. It  remains  to be seen who  gets this honour.”

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