Aamir Khan Enters Secret  Superstar Midway

The  focus  of interest in  Aamir Khan’s  new film Secret Superstar is not Aamir Khan.

 It  is Zaira Wasim. Aamir enters the film  halfway through the  plot, just as  he  did in Taare Zameen Par.

 A major film personality who saw the film at a special preview saysSecret Superstar as another Taare Zameen Par. “Again Aamir plays  a mentor guide and  pupil. Last time   he played saviour to a dyslexic boy. This  time he’s savior to an oppressed girl . Darsheel Safary wanted to be a painter. This girl wants  to be  a singer. In bothTaare Zameen Par and Secret Superstar Aamir’s character is there halfway through the film.”

The source says Secret Superstar will take  over the Diwali week.

“It has  the potential to be as  big as Dangal,” predicts the source.

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