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Aamir Khan Intervenes To Get Disney Film Censored On Time



By Devyani Nandy​

It seems  the  CBFC’s 68-day rule for getting films certified is  infinitely mouldable . Just barely two weeks after CBFC  declared it won’t break the 68-day rule, films are allegedly being cleared out of turn .

The  latest film to get VIP treatment is Walt Disney’s Coco, an animation  film all set to be released  in  two languages which was  initially denied certification on time for release, but has now in an overnight move, been granted clearance.

A  source  in the  know informs,  “The  film is being viewed  by  the censor board even  as we speak now(Wednesday afternoon). Initially , after  the 68-day  certification-period was implemented  it seemed impossible that Coco would get certified in  time for its release  onDecember 24.  Then we  don’t know what happened.  Suddenly the film  was  up for the censor board’s scrutiny  on  Wednesday. We believe  Mr Aamir Khan who  shares a  very long and strong relationship with the CBFC chief Prasoon Joshi  had a hand  in the decision.”

Aamir and Disney, the Coco producers,  go back a long way.  Dangal his 2016 blockbuster  was  co-produced  by Disney.

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