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Aamir Khan To Play Guru Dutt?



The very talented filmmaker Bhavna Talwar is  all  set to   do what many of her peers and predecessors have failed  to do. Make the  consummate  Guru Dutt  bio-pic. Guru Dutt who allegedly committed suicide  at  39 , left behind  a legendary legacy, having  made  classics like Pyasa and Kagaz Ke Phool during his  lifetime.

 Several filmmakers  including Anurag Kashyap have attempted to  film Guru Dutt’s story. One has  now  come  to know  that  Bhavna Talwar who has  directed two very powerful films Dharmand  Happi, both starring Pankaj Kapoor, is  all set  to  make a  bio-pic on Guru Dutt.

The  film will be produced  by Bhavna’s husband Sheetal Talwar  the  creative  mind behind some very important films in recent  times including the controversial British  Orlando Bloom starrerRetaliation . Sheetal has also produced  a dazzling  adaptation  of  the  beloved children’s  fable Heidi starring the distinguished British actor Bill Nighy which Sheetal’s wife Bhavna directed.

A  source  informs, “Bhavna has been actively working on the  Guru Dutt bio-pic for  years  now. Her tireless toil is complete. She  will soon begin filming.”

Aamir is said to have  shown a keen interest in the project.The budget of this  bio-pic is said to be approximately  120 crore rupees.

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