Did Aamir Khan Use Steroids To Get That Physique in Dangal?  Fitness Coach Refuses To Deny Or Accept The Charge

A fitness coach Ranveer Allahbadia has released a video on the internet which clearly insinuates that Aamir Khan has used steroids to get that incredible physique in Dangal.

Rahul Bhatt who was Aamir’s fitness coach throughout the making of Dangal, refuses to either deny or confirm the charge.

Dismissing Allahbadia’s assumptions as inconsequential Rahul Bhatt says, “It would amount to a breach of confidentiality for me to talk about this. All  I can see is , steroids are an occupational hazard  in the entertainment industry. It would be very naïve to believe that its consumption is nil, and I’d be hypocrite to deny its consumption.”

So  is  Rahul tacitly admitting to the use of steroids for Aamir’s miraculous makeover?

Rahul protests, “I am not admitting to anything. Just how my client got that  physique , or how any entertainer gets into shape is a matter between the client and the coach. Just like the confidentiality clause between a therapist and a patient…I am  not at liberty to talk about this.”

Speaking of the larger problem  of steroid abuse looming over the film industry Rahulsays, “Let’s put it this way. If I had a son and he wanted to be an actor I’d never let him mess around with steroids. There are ways of handling it.And only a qualified fitness coach can guide you through a  proper regime where you don’t mess up you metabolism with mindless abuse.”


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