Aamir Khan’s Comment On Waiters Has A History


While releasing the poster of Dangal Aamir Khan shot himself in the foot by making a comment on how he,Aamir, felt he looked like  a waiter when compared with his other Khan colleagues Salman and Shah Rukh.

Ironically the careless utterance came right after Aamir had seriously chastened  Salman Khan for his rape analogy to describe the wrestling scenes in Sultan.

Now the trolls have temporarily abandoned the relentless persuit and persecution of the ‘Sultan’ Khan to take on ‘Dangal’ Khan instead. Aamir’s supporters say he was drawing a harmless analogy to prove how little he valued his own stardom, and that he apologized the minute he unwittingly offended the hospitality community.

Déjà vu, anyone?

However Aamir’s  ‘waiter’ remark is not as innocuous as it seems.According to a source from the team that produced Rangeela(regarded by many as Aamir’s most accomplished performance to date) Aamir has  “a thing about waiters” from the time he did a scene with a waiter . And the actor who played the waiter simply stole the show from Aamir, thereby creating a permanent rift between Aamir and director Ram Gopal Varma.

While the Rangeela director RGV chose to maintain a discreet silence on the issue(we all know by now  about Ramu’s discretion) a well-informed source from the unit spilt the beans. “The big fall-out between Ramu andAamir happened because of  a waiter. Before that the two were very close. It was a sequence in a 5-star hotel where Aamir playing the tapori Munna takes Mili(Urmila Matondkar) for a meal. The waiter who takes his orders can barely conceal his contempt for the street-smart unsophisticated tapori. It was a smartly written scene and Rajiv Mehta who played the waiter was a scenestealer.Ramu offended Aamir by saying in an interview thatMehta who played the waiter was better than Ramu in the scene. Aamir never spoke to Ramu after that.”

We aren’t suggesting that Aamir has an animosity against waiters since the time the ‘waiter’ stole the thunder from ‘Munna’. But certain incidents in life have a way of coming back to us.

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