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Aamir’s Lal Singh Chadha To Incorporate Corona Pandemic?



Aamir’s Lal Singh Chadha To Incorporate Corona Pandemic? 15

 Aamir Khan is  not looking at  Christmas any longer to release  his  next  project  Lal Singh Chaddha. The pseudo-historic epic  takes a  look at the landmark  happenings  in India since  the country’s partition into  two countries  in 1947, as seen through the eyes  of a Sikh  individual  played by Aamir Khan.

While the script  incorporates  historic landmark events, can the Corona pandemic be  left out?Apparently the plot  would now be expanded to include the current global crisis without which  the  narrative would remain  woefully inadequate.

A  source  in  the know says, “It is  self-evident that a film on  the  important  historical happenings cannot be complete  without  communicating the  Corona crisis. The shooting that is  now halted would  resume once  the lockdown is over, with fresh  inputs in the screenplay.”

The  Aamir Khan  project  Lal Singh Chaddha is  based on the  1994 Tom Hanks starrer Forrest  Gump.  Aamir Khan plays a Sikh Sardarji for the first time. Kareena  Kapoor Khan plays  his wife.And  it would be  safe to assume that the Corona  virus will play the  villain.

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