Aamir’s Mahabharat With Fresh Cast?

It has now come to light that Aamir Khan‘s Mahabarat project has now deviated from its original plans. Abandoning the idea of casting A-listers in major roles including Aamir himself as Arjun , Aamirwill now produce the film with newcomers in the cast.

According to a source in the know this is to ensure that the project doesn’t go over-budget.

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“More importantly, it is insurance against controversies. Casting well-known superstars as characters inMahabharat was sure to generate huge amounts of raised eyebrows. By casting newcomers Aamir will eliminate all questions and protests,” says the source.

Apparently an all-India hunt for new actors to play pivotal roles in Aamir Khan’s Mahabharat is on.

The revision of original plans doesn’t end there.

Apparently Aamir is in two minds about the format to be used.

“He may not make it as a feature.It may be a web series,” says the source.

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