Aaradhya Bachchan To Be Kept Away From Paparazzi

Post a nasty run-in with  the paparazzi at an event on Monday  the Bachchans  are seriously thinking of curtailing Aaradhya’s public appearances.

According  to a source close to  the Bachchan parivar, “Aaradhya has been taught by her mother to handle the paparazzi. Being so young she already understands that she is part of a family that is constantly in the public domain and will be clicked wherever she goes.Aaradhya hands the camera lens like  a pro.”

But now the  attention is getting to worry Aaradhya’s parents.

Says  the source, “What happened  on Monday was not right at all. Aishwarya had gone  with her mother and  daughter for an event at a hospital .To commemorate her  father’s death anniversary she donated the cost  of surgery for 100 children with cleft lips. It was by all means a solemn occasion. Not caring a  a hoot about the gravity  of  the  moment the photographers jostled screamed and  argued.”

Aishwarya was apparently reduced to tears as Aaradhya watched  in silent disbelief.

Post this incident  the family has decided  to curtail Aaradhya’s public  appearances.

“It is  way too much attention for  a child her age,” says  the family friend.

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