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Aarya 3….Tedious, Repetitive , Uninvolving




Aarya(Season 3,4 Episodes, Disney+Hotstar)

Directed  by  Ram Madhavan


It is like some more of the same when you are filled up. Totally uncalled-for. And ruinously selfimportant. The anything-but-serene Sareen family ceased to  be relevant  after Season 1. When  Season 2 was around the corner  I asked the director why,and he said there was more story to tell.

There isn’t actually. Ram Madhvani  and his team stretch  the plot to breaking point. This one barely survives the demands on its spinal chord to stand erect as the  world around crumbles  under the weight of  mounting nothingness.

As Aarya Sareen, Sushmita Sen of course  towers over the rest of the cast. And that is not  such a good thing .All the  supporting actors are positioned in the shadows looking like hapless puppets waiting for their strings to be pulled. No one  seems inclined  to give  the  supporting cast a  chance, although some of them are potentially  interesting.

Geetanjali  Kulkarni as a  cop on Aarya’s payroll struggles  to make sense of her underwritten part of a snitch.Daulat, played by the underrated Sikandar  Kher, is definitely one of  the  characters  whom we would like to see more of. Sadly he is kept out of most of  the  running time in Season 3’s first four episodes(four more are banging on the door) .

We  can safely assume Aarya Sareen is not the only  suicidal element  in Aarya.

 The  third season is  blissfully  bereft   of surprises. Aarya Sareen is still  selling cocaine and telling  everyone repeatedly that she is a “working  mother” fending for  her  children. She  could be  a language  interpreter , a doctor,  maybe even  a  sumo  wrestler. Why a  gangster ,and that too  a cigar-smoking one?

Why does Sushmita Sen need to be Sanjay Dutt?

For those looking for  a spot  of  Romeo & Juliet, there  is  Aarya’s  son Veer(Viren  Vazirani) playing doctor-doctor  with  his mom’s  trusted right hand woman Roop (Shweta Pasricha) right under  Aarya’s hawk eyes.

A  clear case of the left hand not knowing what the right is  doing.

The  Roop-Veer love story, like all great  love stories(ref: Romeo & Juliet) comes to  a tragic end while we desperately wait Mr Madhvani and Ms Sen  to come out of their killer  zone  and put this bang-bang binge to  end. Enough  as they say, is  enough.

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