Abhiney Deo On Why Urmila Matondkar Has Chosen To Make A Comeback With His Film


It came as a pleasant surprise to see the beautifulUrmilaMatondkarback on the large screen after so long.

DirectorAbhinayDeoin whose forthcomingsatire-thrillerBlackmailUrmiladoes a special dancenumber,is over the moon. You know, Ididnt have to convinceher at all. I just narrated what the situation is, and she said yes.I heaved asigh of relief. Shewasmy firstand only choice.

The fact thatUrmilaknewAbhinayfor many yearscould have influenced her quick consent.

Yes, she knowsme and my parents(veteranactorsRameshandSeemaDeo) for years. So were family friends. Iguess theres an implicit trust between us. She knew I wouldnt offer her what is commonly known as an item song.

Abhinaywants it made very clear thatUrmilaisnot in this forthecheap-thrill moment.There is anactalreason whyshe is there dancing. Of courseit is a bar dance, sothere is a certain level of cheesinesstotheaura.

ButUrmilaremainsforever classy.

Of course! chimesAbhinay. When we had this special song-and-dancenumberBewafaBeautywe thought of onlyUrmila. Shebrings so much gravitas and gorgeousnessto thesong. And the numberBewafaaBeautyactually narrates the entireplotof the film.So we needed someonewho could be a blend of the serious and saucy.Urmilafitted the bill perfectly. I am so glad she agreed to be partofour film.

With his leading manIrrfanKhan indisposed,AbhinayDeofinds himself promoting the film all by himself.

We all missIrrfanatthe promotional events. And since he was the face of our film we area bit lost. But nothing isimportant than his health.

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