How Abhishek Bachchan Became A Part Of Sarkaar 3

They’ve done some of their best work together in Naach, Sarkaarand Sarkaar Raj. Regrettably Abhishek Bachchan couldn’t be part of Ramu’s  new film Sarkaar 3 as his character was killed in  the secondSarkaar film.

However though not a living character,  Abhishek’s character ShankarNagre is a  part of Sarkaar 3 as a photograph on his Dad Subhash Nagre(Amitabh Bachchan)’s wall.

In deference to the real-life father-son relationship, the photograph of the “dead” son in the film has been used without the traditional garland  which pictures of dead people are adorned with.

Says Ramu, “It would have been tremendously insensitive for MrBachchan to be facing a garlanded picture of Abhishek.So we decided to just put a picture of  Mr Bachchan’s character Subhash Nagre’s dead son without any garland.”

Ramu and Abhishek  are coming together for an action film that would require Abhishek to lose at least 12 kgs.

The actor has already begun work on the character and has shed lots of the kilos.

Friends and family members say he’s looking fitter than ever before.

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