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Abhishek Bachchan: “I’m Very Proud Of  My Wife”



If there is a more devoted husband in  the film industry than Abhishek Bachchan he would be hard to find. 10 years after marriage Abhishek continues to be unconditionally supportive of his wife and her career decisions.

Recently there were reports of a public tiff between the couple at the premiere of Aishwarya’s film Sarbjit.

Abhishek laughs  off the rumours. “Sorry to disappoint those who are looking for juicy gossip.We are very happy together. So far sooooo good, touchwood.”

The proud husband just can’t stop preening over Aishwarya’s performance in her latest film Sarbjit. “When I saw the film I was so moved, I  couldn’t move . The sheer audacity of attempting a film on a subject so complex and layered  left me overwhelmed.I was bowled over by the film and by Aishwarya’s performance.”

Cutting short all talk of a public tiff with his wife at the Sarabjit premiere Abhishek laughs, “I walked away from her side so that he media could interact with her uninterrupted. After all it was her evening and her moment of glory. I was there just to support her.”

Abhishek can’t stop admiring his wife for handling her home and career so well. “She is all there for our daughter and still able to give a hundred percent of herself to her career. Only women can be multi-taskers in the purest sense.”

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