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Abhishek Bachchan Recalls The  Experience  Of  Shooting For Raavan,



Abhishek Bachchan

Abhishek Bachchan Recalls The  Experience  Of  Shooting For Raavan, Which Turned  14 This  Week  In The Jungles With Aishwarya  Rai.

How  do you recall the  Raavan experience?

With  tremendous  love affection and  fondness. It was my third film with Mani Ratnam . I can’t wait to work with him again.

You haven’t worked with Aishwarya since Raavan?

We are dying to. We  are  just waiting for the right script.

Shooting in the jungles, weren’t you concerned  about Aishwarya’s safety?

I am a normal man and  a normal husband. I was definitely concerned for my wife’s wellbeing. And she  was  equally concerned  about me.

I believe she  was up to any risk that the role demanded?

Oh she’s very very strong . But Mani wouldn’t allow her to do anything that was unsafe.  Speaking for myself  it was  great fun.Ask any of Mani’s actors . They’ll tell you they’re willing  to  do  anything  he asks them to.

Was Raavan a special challenge for the gruelling jungle locations?

Raavan is the most difficult  film I’ve ever done . It offered me my most challenging role  to date. It was  deeply challenging  film for  me  and Aishwarya because we  shot in  the  jungles  under the most severe conditions. But  finally  it  was worth it.

How do  you  rate  your   performance in Raavan?

 I can’t say I’m satisfied.When I  saw  the  film recently  I realized there is  so much more I could have done with my  role. Given  the opportunity again I’d do   Raavan all over again, and a  lot  more.”

Raavan   was  your  third  and  by far the  toughest film with the magical Mani Ratnam?

 I believe  Raavan  is even more magical than  Yuva and Guru. It’s  territory that  neither  of us has ever  visited. I believe  it’s Mani’s most  massy  film  to date. You know  it’s funny  , but because Mani has a  fantastic aesthetic sense  and he’s  constantly raising the bar with every film of  his it is believed that his  films are high art meant for a  select  audience. Not true! Mani is for the masses.

How was you rapport with  Mani during Raavan?

I completely go by  his judgement and  believe he  knows the best.Our relationship  goes  beyond  films. Having  said that,  I would of course want to work with him a  fourth  time. The entire  industry wants  to work with  him . Why wouldn’t I?

Raavan wrenched  you away from  you comfort zone?

To shoot in  the  jungles  wasn’t  easy. But why  do a film unless it challenges you  to  go beyond  your comfort  zone? I’ve  always  done films that remove me from  the comfort zone and  put me  in   a place I’ve never been.That’s  one of the main criteria  for  choosing a  role.

Focussing on the emotions of your character  Beera  while doing those heart-in-the-mouth stunts couldn’t have been easy?

 That was a double challenge. First I was doing  a role that required me  to  perform the most  challenging physical  activities. Then I  also had  to  emote  in ways that  I had never done . And  the one  couldn’t be compromised for   the  other.  It was  very difficult. But  now I realize  the pain was worth it.Mani allowed me to watch the film as it was being shot.I   knew  it was something very very special.

 Shooting in the jungles brought  you closer to Nature?

It couldn’t get any more  natural…we were  in the jungles with the animals, insects, waterfalls, rain and Nature   for months.It was  Mother Nature in all her glory. I’ve always  been very eco-conscious . But this experience  just changed my life.

How was  it working with Vikram ?

I’ve known  Vikram for a  very  long time. He’s  a very  sweet chap. I take it  as a compliment  when co-stars  enjoy working with me say they enjoyed   the experience.Making  a  film should be as  much fun as watching   it.

Closing thoughts?

Raavan  was  the most challenging  experience  of my  life, both physically and emotionally. It  has sapped me every which  way. I was really anxious about Raavan. Mani, Aishwarya and I  had to go beyond Guru which is one of my favourite films. I  knew Raavan could do it. I’m very proud   of the film. I   know everyone has given sweat and  blood to it.It  was a  lot of hard work.

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