Abhishek Bachchan Speaks To Subhash K Jha On Turning A Year Older

What do birthdays mean to you?

Every year I  try to make sure I’m working on my birthday. I  don’t know why. But to me  shooting on my birthday is very comforting. Of course  I love spending the day  with my family. And as soon I pack up on Fridayevening I’m rushing home to be with my parents  and  wife. But  it wouldn’t be  a happy birthday  for me if  I’m not working. Every year since I started my career in 1998 I’ve made sure that I’m shooting. I  remember  I was shooting with  J P Dutta Saab on my 23rdbirthday. Only last year I missed  shooting on my birthday because I was in New York promoting Delhi 6.I hope to continue working on all my birthdays.

Do you feel older?

Never! Age is just a state of mind. I feel the same today as I did when I started working. Nothing  has changed.

You may not feel the change. But it’s palpable in every walk of life?

Yes. But I don’t think I’ve  changed much over the years. You will vouch for that. You were the first mediaperson I ever spoke to in my life. I haven’t changed. I don’t think I will.I’ve never been bogged down by failure.

 How does it feel to be older?

It’s no different. I am still doing what I love doing the most. I still shoot my films the whole day and then return to my family.

 Now there is more in the family?

Yes, Aaradhya is the centre of our universe. She’s a wonderful child. All credit to Aishwarya for being a terrific mother.

Has fatherhood changed you?

 Of course it has! Bringing a child into the world changes all your priorities.I am sure every parent would agree.

Are you now more eager to reach home than you used to be?

I wouldn’t say that. It would be very unfair to the rest of the family. But yes, I’ve one more reason to reach home quickly.

You joined the 100-crore club with Bol Bachchan. Does that give you a sense of renewed self-confidence?

It doesn’t matter which club an actor belongs to. He still approaches every role with the same trepidation and waits with fingers crossed for the audiences’ verdict.I don’t think  reaching the 100-crore mark is a signal for any actor to get more confident. I think the 100-crore club is the new substitute for what the silver or golden jubilee used to be in Paa’s times.

Many times the films that make it into the 100-crore club are the least deserving of the their success?

I think that’s very unfair.At the end of the day if  a film does well it means the audience wanted to see that film. How can  we question the audiences’ tastes? Sometimes we forget that  cinema is about entertainment. It’s about giving people their money’s worth.And the audiences’ tastes shouldn’t be undermined. I understand cinema is an art form. But audiences spend their hard-earned on seeing films. If they are entertained by a film we are no one to question their choice. And look at the diversity of films that have done well recently!

Generally the films that do well are devoid of aesthetics?

No I disagree with you.

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