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Abhishek Has The Grace To Greet Even Vivek Oberoi



 On Sunday at an event to commemorate  badminton  champ P V Sindhu Abhishek Bachchan  surprised  everyone by hugging Vivek Oberoi while the  cameras went berserk

And  why  not? This  was  Mrs Bachchan Aishwarya’s ex-boyfriend and  not a very gracious one  at that. Quite recently Vivek had posted a message  on social media using Aishwarya and her  daughter’s pictures in a most inappropriate manner.

 But as  those close to Abhishek will tell  you, this  guy doesn’t hold grudges.

Says a source close  to the Bachchans, “Unlike Salman Khan who never forgave Vivek Oberoi  for calling a press conference to condemn Salman’s behaviour regarding  Aishwarya, Abhishek chose to forget  how obnoxious  Oberoi can be. Instead Abhishek would rather focus on  the positives  in life even if it means being good  to people who are mean  and ungracious to his family.”

Apparently Abhishek’s  diplomatic  hug on Sunday was not appreciated  by  his better-half. Aishwarya wanted  to know why Abhishek had to be so warm  to Oberoi when he could have  just said a polite hello and moved on.

Says the  source  from the Bachchan family, “Abhishek didn’t plan the greeting  for Vivek Oberoi.  It just happened .There is no need  to read  too much into it.”

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