Abhishek Kapoor Approached Vicky Kaushal To Replace Sushant?

The ugly tussle between director Abhishek Kapoor and his producers had just got dense, when now another ugly controversy regarding their film Kedarnath has emerged.Apparently Kapoor, no stranger  to cast replacement , approached Vickey Kaushal(of Masaan fame) to replace Sushant when Sushant refused to  block any more unused dates  for Kedarnath.

 Says   the source, “Gattu loves to do these replacement act. During Fitoor he sacked someone as senior and legendary as Rekha and had her replaced by Tabu. Kedarnath started on the wrong foot when he got the cinematographer replaced in  the very first schedule. Then  it was  Sushant’s turn.”

Apparently unhappy with Sushant’s unwillingness to dole out endless dates  Abhishek Kapoor actually approached Vicky Kaushal to replace Sushant.

Says  the source, “Sushant’s dates kept getting postponed over and  over again. Gattu expected  him to just be around at his beck and call. Sushant finally left for Chambal  to shoot  Abhishek Choubey’s Sonechariya. This pissed  off  Gattu and he approached  VickyKaushal.”

However the producers of Kedarnath intervened and aborted Abhishek kapoor’s ruinous plans.

This in fact , was one of the issues that eventuated in the current imbroglio  between Kapoor and his producers KriArj Entertainment. The latter have now issued a statement  through their lawyer Lavin C Hirani which reads:  “In response to the various bogus statements and slanderous/defamatory material being circulated in the media by GITS(Abhishek Kapoor’s production company Guy In  The Sky Pictures)  against KriArj it may be noted that all such statements/articles are absolutely baseless,bogus,frivolous and without any merit or semblance of truth whatsoever and are hereby totally denied and stand rejected.There is enough material to show that KriArj has complied with all its commitments as per their understanding with AK / GITS.As I understand there have been several serious defaults by GITS of it’s duties and obligations towards KriArj including there being severe delays in the production of the Film which was completely in a mess right from the start of the Film for reasons solely attributable to GITS. Inspite of the aboveKriArj provided its unconditional support to GITS and continued to make huge investments in the Film till it was realised that the amounts were not being used for the right purposes. KriArj has tried to salvage the situation with GITS several times including making multiple efforts to resolve issues to no avail. KriArj , TSeries and Balaji are the rightful owners of the Film as its co producers and therefore GITS has no rights to oust KriArj out of the Film and out of it’s legal rights as producers and owners of the Film.We will be moving the Bombay High Court for enforcing our rights on the Film by early next week and we hope to secure the necessary reliefs from the Hon’ble Court.”

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