Abhishek is not the first  Bollywood actor  to refuse to move away from his family home.


Salman Khan has for years stuck to his 3-bedroom  apartment  in Bandra (Mumbai) because he can’t live away from  his parents.

Ranbir Kapoor has bought his own swanky pad where he moved in with Katrina Kaif. But now he  intends to move right back in  with his  parents Rishi and  Neetu Kapoor as soon as the renovation of their family bungalow Krishnraj is  complete.

  Saif  Ali Khan  and Kareena Kapoor have  bought themselves a much larger place than the one that they stay in right now. They spent two years doing up the new place. But  they now feel they  don’t need more space,so they’ll stay where they are right now,since the current residence is large enough   for them and their  little son Taimur.

The Nightingale Lata Mangeshkar has stayed in the same cosy apartment  in the highrise named Prabhukunj on Peddar Road in Mumbai for the last 45 years,.

“I bought  land  in  a posh locality , built a  big home   on  it, in the hope  of moving  in  . But   somehow  I  was never able to tear myself away  from the home that I share with my  sister Usha , my brother Hridaynath , his wife(my Bhabhi)and their children. My other sister Meena  lives a stone’s throwaway, with her family. Even my other sister Asha(Bhosle)  used to live next to me in Prabhukunj with just a wall and  a door separating our rooms. But now  she lives away from Prabhukunj with her son.”

According to Lataji being close to one’s family is most vital. “Family gives you a sense  of belonging, an identity. I feel I am nothing  without myfamily.”

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