Abhushek Krishna Takes Another Dig At Maama Govinda!


Abhushek Krishna Takes Another Dig At Maama Govinda , Just To Please Salman (And It Didn’t Work)

There is no stopping some comedic motormouths even when they’re rigorously reprimanded for their indiscreet utterances.

Comedian Abhishek Krushna on Comedy Nights Live did everything within his means  to please his guest SalmanKhan on Saturday .But the giddy limit of sycophancy was a dig taken at his Maama Govinda just to please Salman.

Earlier during the week Krushna had to issue a public apology for insulting the senior star-actor who happens to be his maternal uncle. Now on the show(which is rapidly losing its popularity) the comedian commented on how he needed to keep quiet with his “Maama” jokes , or else he’d have to apologize publicly again.

If Krushna was hoping to get a snigger out of Salman for the uncalled-for  remark on Govinda, it didn’t happen.Salman refused to react.

Says a friend of the actor, “He will never be provoked against Govinda.In fact Salman is still very fond of hisPartner co-star. They’re hoping  to work together in a sequel to Partner whenever there is a suitable script.”

Krushna whose wife Kashmira Shah also sat in the audience as her huband ranted against everyone and everything from Govinda to baldness, seemed very amused by her husband’s anemic antics.

Good to know Abhishek Krushna has one fan.

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