Accidental Prime Minister Gets A Thumbs-Up From Pakistani Censor Board, Anupam Rejoices

 In  what could possibly be a retaliatory  move to show last week’s anti-Pakistan  film Uri its place,  the Pakistan censor board has  given the go-ahead to the  other film released  alongside  Uri, although it has  little relevance  to Pakistan.

We are talking about  the Manmohan Singh  bio-pic The Accidental  Prime  Minister. After showing decent boxoffice numbers in India  the bio-pic will open  in Pakistan  this coming Friday. It will also be opening in  dubbed Tamil and Telugu  versions in  Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

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Sunil  Bohra,  the  film’s  co-producer is over the moon at the  numbers. “We  never  expected this  kind of support for our film.  My Director Vijay Gutte ,my leading men  Anupam Kher and  Akshaye Khanna  plus the entire team had poured their heart and soul in putting a vivid and honest  portrait  of  Dr Manmohan Singh on celluloid. We ‘re  glad to have succeeded beyond  anything we  imagined.”

Anupam Kher who  is shooting for an American serial in  the US has only gratitude for the acceptance that his interpretation  of Manmohan Singh’s personality has  received. “I was ridiculed  by knowledgeable critics for  my performance. My political  loyalties were questioned. But finally it is the public  which  gave the film the acceptance we had hoped for.”

  Anupam saw  Manmohan Singh  as his career’s biggest challenge. “ Portraying  Dr Singh was  the  most difficult role  of  my life. I had to make sure that  our much-misunderstood  erstwhile  prime minister did not get a raw deal again in  our film.That’s what he  got during his tenure as  prime minister. We didn’t want him to suffer more of the same indignity  in  our film. I am proud to have played Dr Singh with such dignity.”

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