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Acharya: Father-Son Chiranjeevi-Ram Charan Flop Show




Shock waves are  currently  reverberating across the Telugu film industry, what with  the big  release of this week Acharya  opening to  dismal  reports all across Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

The  eagerly-awaited  film  which brings together  the father-son superstar-duo  of Chiranjeevi and  Ram Charan for the first time, has not  only received  scathing  reviews, the devoted  fans  of  the two actors are  also staying away  from the  film.

Estimated  to be budgeted at around Rs80 crores it is likely to lose  more than half of its investments.

The back-and-forth of accusation and counter-accusations have aleady begun. Camps  of both the  father-son superstars are  blaming director  Koratala  for  the debacle  of Acharya. Apparently  Koratala  was too much in awe  of the  Chiranjeevi-Ram Charan  duo to direct them. Koratala, it is being said,  was also weighed  down by  the responsibility  of  bringing together the father and son  superstars  for the  first time together.

 However an actor from Acharya  has a different take on why the film has failed to work:  “Sir, have you seen the film? Does Chiranjeevi look like  Ram Charan’s father? Hair dyed, face and body photoshopped , he  was busy trying to  look as young as possible. Fans wanted  to see father and son. Not  a father trying to  look like his  son’s brother.”


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