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Action & Violence In KGF 2, Twice The Original, Promises Yash

Contrary to reports  that  Kannada superstar Yash and his director Prashanth Neel have decided  to tone  down the  violence in KGF 2 to  accommodate  Yash’s  younger fans, Yash says the truth  is  just the opposite.

 “There will be almost double the action of the first part in the second. Everything is bigger than the sequel and that includes the action scenes. So yeah, the fights are going to  bloodier,more gory and  prolonged.Don’t forget there is  the Bollywood action star Sanjay Dutt opposite  me this time. With Dutt and his  brawn power, am I  supposed  to just hang around doing nothing ?My fans will be disappointed” says Yash, adding that there are two major hand-to-handcombats  between Dutt and him.

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“And they will be  very violent,” promises  the Superstar

As  for Yash’s younger fans, the Superstar promises to  do a film specially kids in the near future.

 “But KGF 2 is  not that film,” he says .


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