Aditi Jahaan Jaati ,Aag Lagaati!, Twice Fire Breaks Out In Aditi Rao’s Presence

We all know Aditi Rao  is so beautiful she can ignite a fire just with her looks.  But this has happened literally not once but twice in recent times.

Says Aditi , “The fire that happened on the set of Bhoomi this month reminded me of the fire that broke  out on the sets of the television reality show Make In India in February. I was there  to perform on stage . In fact I was supposed to go on stage next when a fire erupted on the set. I was in my van. Luckily everyone was evacuated from the set on time . No one was hurt.”

It was a second-time fire-escape for Aditi when last week the set at R K Studio for a wedding scene caught fire.

Shudders Aditi, “This time it was even worse.Since it was a wedding scene the paraphernalia, props and decorations were highly inflammable. They all caught fire in no time.And since there were hundreds of people on the set there was panic.”

Sadly Sanjay Dutt wasn’t around to do a Mother India kind of fire-rescue scene with his heroine.

Laughs Aditi, “Yes, I am aware of how Nargisji was rescued by SunilDutt Saab from a fire during the shooting of Mother India.No such thing happened in my case. Mr Sanjay Dutt was not on the set ofBhoomi when the fire broke  out.”

Worse still, Aditi was in a relatively inaccessible part of the set. “I was somewhere in  the  back and felt quite trapped. But again, I was rescued  unhurt with not even a scratch.I guess I’ve been twice lucky with fire.”

Wouldn’t it be  correct to say, Aditi jahaan jaati hai wahaan aag lagadeti hai?


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