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Aditi Rao: “Bhoomi Didn’t Turn Out To  The Way  I Wanted  It To Be”

Aditi Rao is   in seventh heaven. In 2017  she got  a chance to live out her dream.

“I always dreamt what  it would be like to  sing with A R Rahman Sir. I got that chance at his One Heart concert in  New York. And it was  like a dream come true. Of course I was frightened and  nervous. But it’s something I’ve always looked forward  to.”

Aditi says  singing is in her genes. “My mother was  a  classical vocalist. So I guess I  imbibed her talent by osmosis. But having said that I must confess I’ve no training  in singing.So what I warble, I  do so  from feeling not practice.”

Singing with Rahman is  not the  only dream Aditi realized this year. “I also got to work with my two favourite  directors.  Ratnam’s Tamil film Kaatru Veliyidai  got me  a tremendous amount  of recognition, and  as far as I am concerned, it was a fulfilling experience.As  for the other dream  director Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film(Padmavati) , yes it was  a disappointment that  the  film couldn’t release in 2018. But the  thrill of  working with Mr Bhansali is undiminished.”

It’s been a year of  mixed blessings  for the very lovely Aditi Rao. While she got a chance to work with her  two favourite directors her big film of the year proved to be a  boxoffice disaster.

“You are talking about Bhoomi, of course?”  Aditi asserts. “All of us associated with the film had high expectations  from the  film. I took it on because I wanted to show the audience that a girl from a small town can fight back when pushed to a corner.”

  But somewhere Aditi feels the  message got drowned . “I feel I was in a different universe from the film’s makers.  There were  times when  I had to intervene and say I won’t do this,  or I won’t say this.  But in spite of that the  film’s actual intentions, or what I  thought was the actual intention, got drowned in a  lot of noise. But I’ve no regrets  about doing Bhoomi. Everything that happens in life is for a reason.”

Unfortunately  good performances in  unsuccessful films  don’t count.Aditi disagrees with that. “I feel I  did get good reviews and  much appreciation  for Bhoomi.And that helped me getting the work that I am going to do in 2018. There are some  very exciting project happening. In fact I am preparing for  my next film.And I’ll be doing some  reading for  it on  the New Year. But I can’t talk about it.”

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