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Aditi Rao-Dhanush’s “Duet” Recorded Separately



Aditi Rao-Dhanush’s “Duet” Recorded Separately 12

This is  possibly the  first quarantine  love duet  in India. Tamil actor Dhanush  and  his  very lovely  Mumbai co-star Aditi Rao  have just crooned a  duet together for  a forthcoming  Tamil film  Jail.

Entitled Kaathodu Kaathaanen,the song composed  by  G V Prakash  features  the voices of the lead pair of  the  film Jail.

 Lekin mazey ki baat yeh hai ke, Aditi and Dhanush  did  not  sing the  “duet” together.

A  source in the   know informs, “ G V Prakash recorded with his friend Dhanush in  Chennai.And then  he  recorded separately with Aditi in Mumbai.”

We wonder how the emotions of love can be expressed in absentia!  But I guess the film’s  makers would know better.

Incidentally neither Dhanush  nor Aditi is  a trained singer , though Dhanush has sung  a  multiple  times for G V Prakash. Aditi  sang  with  Ali Zafar   in  London Paris NewYork. But to be able to sing  in Tami,  which  India’s greatest singer Lata  Mangeshkar describes as  the most difficult language she  has ever sung in, is  no small achievement.

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