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Aditi Rao Didn’t Dub Her Own Tamil Lines For Mani Ratnam

For Mani Ratnam’s  Tamil film  Katru Veliyidai Aditi  Rao had to learn Tamil from scratch. She can  now speak the language.

Laughs Aditi, “Though I am from Hyderabad. I can’t speak Telugu. Not that Tamil and Telugu are in any way similar. But Tamil was even more alien to me when Mani Sir’s film came to me.I’ll be honest.I was petrified. How will I get a grip over a language that I didn’t know  a word of? The  good thing about this fear and ignorance of the language was that I got to spend more time with Mani Sir than the other actors in the film. He sat me down, gave me confidence, worked on my  diction and intonation in Tamil.I feel blessed”

Aditi is now proud to say she can speak Tamil fluently, though not well enough to speak her own lines on screen. “Finally my voice will be dubbed. Because Tamilians are rightly very possessive of their language. Theywon’t forgive me if I pronounce even one word wrongly. So yes, I will be speaking in another voice on screen.Mani Sir made every effort to ensure I got the language right.And both of us had hoped I’d be able to speak my lines on screen in my own voice. Finally we’ve decided against it. But hey,in my next Tamil film , I will dub my own lines. I will work with Mani Sir again. Both Mani Sir and Sanjay Sir (Bhansali) are addictive. I can’t wait to  do another film with both.”

Aditi is all praise for her co-star in Katru Veliyidai. “Karthi is  a gem of a  person.So kind supportive and understanding, it was a joy working with him. And such a brilliant actor, so dedicated. During the making of this film I got to know his work. I saw his first film Paruthiveeran. It’s hard to believe that’s his first film. How can any actor be so accomplished in the first film?”


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