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Aditya Narayan and His Bride Shweta Are Honeymooning In Kashmir



Aditya Narayan and His Bride Shweta Are Honeymooning In Kashmir 12

Aditya Narayan and his bride Shweta  are  honeymooning in Kashmir.And they just can’t get  enough  of  the  Paradisical  Valley. Aditya takes  time off from the masti to  speak to Subhash K Jha

Aditya, how is it going in Kashmir?

It’s going extremely well! So glad we picked Kashmir as our honeymoon destination.It is my first visit to  the Valley   but it’s definitely not the last. Shweta and I   are in love with the place.

No unrest?

No unrest. Sirf rest hi rest. To be honest I was a bit hesitant initially because all we know of Kashmir is what we hear in the media. But it is in fact one of the most beautiful, peaceful places in our country. The people are so warm and welcoming. Hospitality is amazing. Be it a chai ka ठेला or a 5 star, people go out of the way to make sure we are happy and comfortable.

You sound like the  brand  ambassador for  Kashmir?

 I am definitely going to promote tourism here and am planning to shoot a music video in January or February,  depending on weather and schedule

How  long are  you there for?

Our trip is six days long. Owing to shoot, I have to be back every Sunday evening to Mumbai to shoot on Monday. We’ve spent two  days in Srinagar and four days in Gulmarg. I have been to Switzerland and believe me, Gulmarg is far more beautiful.

Okay have you two had  your first  fight after marriage?

Hahaha ,well… we have been a couple since a decade and obviously we as human as anyone else. Two people coming together are like two  universes colliding. We are similar in many ways but also polar opposites in many. But the good part is that we are both non-confrontational people so we know how to put our points across nicely to one another  and we also know if a difference of opinion is leading to an argument so we hold back. I  more so,  as Shweta’s inherent state of mind is much more शांत than mine.

Your friend Neha Kakkar is going to be  a mother?

 I know! Many many congratulations to her and Rohanpreet. I am supremely happy for them. May God bless them with all the happiness. अब शो पे इसको लेकर और मस्ती करेंगे!

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