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Aditya Narayan Talks In His First Interview After Marriage



How  was  the wedding?

The wedding was wonderful. Mostly family and very few friends , given the restrictions.We  invited as many  as we could. It was at ISCON juhu.

Most memorable moment from the wedding?

I had to wear my friend’s pyjama. Mine tore while I was being lifted to put the garland on Shweta. So I had to wear his for the pheras .Luckily my friend and I  are  of similar  build.

So how does  it feel to be married?

It feels great! We are lucky to have found each other and to have grown and  been together for so many years.

Are  you planning to move into your own place with Shweta?

 I have bought a new 5 BHK in Andheri itself, three  buildings away from my folks and we are moving in 3-4 months from now .My parents  will be just a hop away.

Your dad (Udit Narayan) is happy?

 Yes he is thrilled. I am the only son.And my parents couldn’t wait for me  to get married.

You can  actually afford  a  5BHK home?

 I have been saving since years!

Have you surrendered  50 percent of your closet space to  your wife?

70-30. I don’t need too much space. I am very basic that way.

Honeymoon plans?

 Honeymoon is an elaborate phased one. Since I have to be back in Mumbai  every week for shoot we are doing  three  mini vacay’s. Shillim, Sula vineyards and Gulmarg.

Thank God  it’s not the Maldives?

 Woh toh hai hi. I get 3-4 free holidays every year to the Maldives. I am their unofficial ambassador

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