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Aditya Narayan & Wife Test Negative



Aditya Narayan & Wife Test Negative 6

 Singer-host Aditya Narayan and his wife Shweta who had tested positive for Covind 19  earlier  this  month  have  finally tested  negative  for the virus.

Speaking cheerfully  Aditya says, “We are  both doing great.Shweta has also tested negative last  week. Our staff  members  who had  also  tested   positive have  all tested negative. Our household is clear  of Covid, touchwood.”

Aditya however  warns not to  get complacent even if you have  tested  positive for Covid and  conquered  it. “It  can come back any time. We  will continue  to exercise all precautions.”

Aditya’s dad   singer Udit Narayan and mother Deepa are so far  Covid free.

In  the  first week  of April Says Aditya was   hospitalized for a few days.

He had said  ,  “Parts of my body were in unbearable pain and I  was in tears the first night. Thought I had messed up at gym. I  didn’t suspect Covid as only the right lower-half was in pain at first , which was already not in good shape because of my calf tear last month. I had skipped a week of shooting  for  Indian Idol  too.”

He further  admitted that he felt it coming for a  while now. “It’s pretty complicated. But apparently  the Covid virus has been  in  my  system for  a while. It took  some time to show  up in the tests. I am told sometimes the  virus takes  time to show up in  the tests. The only certainty about this virus is  that there’s no certainty.”