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Adivi Sesh On The Postponement Of Major Teaser



Adivi Sesh On The Postponement Of Major Teaser 4

After   four consecutive hits  Kshanam, Oopiri  , Ami Thumi and  Evaru ,up next for  Evaru star  Adivi Sesh is a true-life soldier’s  tale Major where he  plays  the national hero Sandeep Uunni Krishnan . Mahesh Babu  who produces  the film  says  Adivi  Sesh has been travelling with this story for a long time and he fits the bill completely .

Sadly  the  first teaser  of  Major had  to be postponed due to Covid19.

 Says  Adivi, “I definitely feel  sad for the team due to the unfortunate circumstances for our director whose father passed away , and the Covid situation put a dent in our Mumbai event. We are planning everything even better and will be informing a new date soon.”

   Regarding shooting through  the pandemic  Adivi says,  “We are shooting, as we did during the height of the pandemic with our proper protocol followed on the  set. The reality of the Covid world is that you can mitigate risk. You can’t eliminate it.”

Adivi  feels  a lockdown no  longer makes sense. “The idea of locking ourselves up doesn’t make sense. Neither does not masking up properly.”

While the  rest  of the country  shows  a stunning slump  in  movie-theatre  attendance  Adivi  is happy  Telugu films are  doing well.  “Not  only well, Telugu cinema is doing exceptionally well. Attendance wise. Collections are extremely high. A Telugu film Jathi Ratnalu  just broke a million at the US box office. We hope the same comes back for Hindi soon as our film  Major is a pan- India film.Since  the start  of 2021  we have had eight   films in  Telugu   either make their money back or make a big profit.What Bhangra is to Punjabis cinema is to the Telugu people .I  can’t wait for the world to see  Major.”

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