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Adivi Shesh: “I Am In No Hurry”



It’s been almost a year since Adivi Shesh broke into the big league with Kshanam. But the Telugu star refuses to talk about his next project until everything is in place.

“It’s not vanity. It’s caution. I’ve worked carefully and very hard to get to Kshanam. I don’t want to make any wrong move at this juncture. I know how easy it is to fritter the advantage that one creates with a success,” saysAdivi who is keenly involved with the scripting of his next film.

“I can tell you this. My next Goodachari is a spy thriller like no other. When audiences see it they would be unable classify it into a genre.Something similar happened when Kshanam opened. Audiences didn’t know how to look at it.Many thought of it as a thriller. I saw it as a dramatic story of human relationships,” says Adivi.

His next film is going to be directed by his cousin Sai Kiran.  “We are in the process of locking in all the details.”

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