Adivi Shesh: “We Are Not Competing With Mission Impossible”

Goodachari , Kshanam star Adivi Shesh’s new Telugu film ,is making waves for its potentially intriguing plot line and a flair for synthesizing stunts with a solid dramatic plot about a son’s search for his father’s identity.

Adivi who is very closely involved with the evolution of the film says this is his chance to create an action film that’s original and unique. “We’ve conceived my character Goodachari as a spy .But he is no Ethan Hawke.And we are not even trying to make Mission Impossible. Since it’s impossible to equal Hollywood standards in action we’re happy to focus more on the drama. In Goodachari the action flows organically out of the drama.”

The finely-cut trailer shows Adivi as a son haunted by his father’s past, trying to serve the country while grappling with the demons within himself.

Adivi admits he is looking at Goodachari as the next level in his career. “I’ve grown up admiring and hero-worshipping Chiranjeevi Sir, Mahesh Babu Sir and Pawan Kalyan Sir . My endeavour is to do the kind of work they do, and to take Telugu cinema to a pan-India audience.”

The action he says is not predominant in the plot. “Even in Kshanam the drama and emotions were the priority. There were not too many physical-action scenes. In Goodachari too the stunts occur where they are essential and not just because we are making an action film. Hopefully ours is a thriller that would succeed in thrilling the audience.”

Undoubtedly Goodachari is a designed as a vehicle to aggrandize Adivi Shesh’s stardom. But Adivi protests against charges of patriarchy. “The women in Goodachari are certainly not of decorative. In fact we did a whole poster celebrating the women in the film. I am glad to have Sobhita Dhulipala as my co-star. She comes from Anurag Kashyap’s films in Hindi. But she is actually a Telugu.”

Adivi Shesh feels spy films have tremendous potential to get the audience in. “If it’s done with sensitivity and style, and I think we’ve managed that. My director Sashi Kiran Tikka is new. But his control over the narrative is that of a veteran,”

This star-actor, one of the new ilk from the South that includes Vijay Devarakonda and Ramcharan Teja in Telugu cinema and Karthi and Vishal Krishan in Tamil, who like to participate in the process of filmmaking far beyond just facing the camera.
Adivi is very excited by the results he has achieved in Goodachari. “The espionage genre is yet to come into its own in India. I felt we could take the genre ahead .And that’s what we’ve done in Goodachari.We’ve been working relentlessly on the post-production , as the film has a lot of complicated CGs and FXs. I don’t claim to have made a pathbreaking film. But no one will watch Goodachari and say they say they’ve seen it before. Déjà vu is not my scene.”

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