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Adivi Shesh’s Next Is An Action Drama

After the triumph that was Kshanam its leading man Adivi Shesh is now writing his next film. Adivi  had written Kshanam and played the lead . The film’s unexpected critical and commercial success has spurred Adivi to script another film, which he is likely to direct himself.

Kshanam was directed by Ravikanth Perepu

Adivi Shesh
Adivi Shesh

When contacted Adivi confirmed, “I am writing something. It is an action-drama script. I am hopeful it will shape up well.I will most certainly play the lead in my film.Whether I’ll direct it , I am not sure as yet. At the moment I’m just feeling very inspired.People have certain expectations from me after Kshanam. So I better deliver.”


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