Adnan Khan’s sehra woes!

~ The actor struggled with his heavy headgear at the shoot of the niqaah sequence on Zee TV’s Ishq Subhan Allah ~

Putting the spotlight on the issue of Triple Talaaq, Zee TV’s recently launched fiction show Ishq Subhan Allah has captivated viewers with its impactful storyline and strong characters. The show’s stellar opening has won audience hearts making it the second highest opening for a fiction show across industry all through 2017-18! The show’s lead couple Kabeer (played by Adnan Khan) – a staunch, traditionalist hard-liner Muslim and Zaara (Eisha Singh) – a modern, liberal Muslim do not see eye to eye in terms of their understanding of religion and how it can be applied to their daily lives. However, a sudden turn of events will see the two of them getting married much against their own wishes.

While the viewers are looking forward to the drama that unfolds between Zaara and Kabeer during their niqaah ceremony, lead actors Eisha Singh and Adnan Khan have been putting in a great amount of effort to deliver a flawless shot. Though Eisha Singh was dressed in a beautiful heavy lehenga especially designed for her, lead actor Adnan Khan’s uber-stylish look in a traditional sherwani was weighed down by his heavy sehra. The sehra added some extra weight to the actor’s head which made shooting the sequences extremely difficult for him. In fact, the talented actor spent most of his break-time managing and fixing his sehra to ensure that it did not affect the shoot.

Adnan Khan’s sehra woes! 2

Commenting on this, Adnan Khan said, “I am about 6 feet tall and the sehra I was wearing seemed to extend across almost my entire frame. Since it was made out of real flowers, it was quite heavy. I ended up spending most of my break time re-adjusting the sehra because it was a key element in my groom avatar for the wedding sequences. Even though it was a challenging process, shooting for the niqaah ceremony was a wonderful experience. I really hope the audiences enjoy watching Zaara and Kabeer’s niqaah ceremony and the drama that unfolds thereon.”

Will Zaara and Kabeer’s niqaah resolve their issues or be the beginning of a turbulent marital journey? Will Zaara put forth her condition of having a say in the matter in the eventuality of a divorce?

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