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Adnan Sami: “Medina Is The First Daughter In Our Family”

Adnan Sami is over the moon .With the arrival of a daughter in  the family his cup of joy spills over. “Medina is  a baby that was born not  after just nine months of my wife’s pregnancy.

We’ve prayed  for her for  seven years. She is my wife Roya and I’s dream come true. She is also the first girl to be born in our family. There are no  sisters or daughters  in our family before Medina.So my mother’s reaction was, ‘Oh Thank God, now I’ve somebody to give the family jewels to.’ So  everyone is ecstatic in the family in his own her own way.”

Adnan’s life has  changed completely. “My entire routine revolves around Medina.I wake up when she does. I sleep when she goes to sleep. Our household has been re-arranged according to her needs and demands.We are all slaves to her command.”

Adnan wants to spend as much time as possible at home. But there is  a problem. He starts shooting for his debut  film Afghan (co-directed by Vinay Sapru and Radhika Rao) from September.

Sighs Adnan, “Luckily the shooting is in and around Delhi and Chandigarh. So we won’t be moving around much.  I intend to get Roya and Medina to come and stay with me. The two ladies can relax while the man of the house works.”

It  was Adnan’s birthday on August 15 and Medina made the day extra special. “She is too small to know it was her Papa’s birthday. But she knew something special was happening. Her eyes sparkled  in pleasure and  my heart skipped a beat. Roya and I constantly squabble over who get to hold her. Roya is a complete hands-on mother. She doesn’t need any help to look after Medina.”

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