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Adnan Sami: “My Blood Boils Every Time My Nationality Is Questioned”



On  the  August  15 when Independent India turned 72, Adnan  Sami also celebrated  his birthday. However  trolls from Pakistan tried to rain on his party by taunting him about his changed  passport and loyalties.

“I am an  Indian ,come what may. That seems to bother some  people from across the  border. They  just have  to deal with it,” says  Adnan who brought in his  birthday in  Germany.

“I am in  Munich. That’s my sasural, my wife Roya’s  home.  After I’ve  become  a father to  my little daughterRoya  having fun means watching her having fun. So yeah, Medina enjoyed the cake  and the  celebration. Just watching her happy made me  happy.”

Any birthday wishes?  “To  make India proud, to make  my wife and daughter proud. To carry  forward  the  great legacy  of music and singing. And  to  never  fall short  of  expectations, my own  and of those I love. Jai Hind!”

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