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Adnan Sami On Those Who Are Trolling Him For his Padma



 No one, and no force no matter how brutal.  can take away  from the  joy  singer-musian AdnanSami feels at receiving the Padma Shri from the  Indian government.

“It came to me completely like  a bolt  from the blue. It wasn’t as  though I  nursed a teenyweenyambition  of getting such an honour.The Padma  Shri was nowhere  on my radar. So, when I  got the call informing me that I  was being honoured I was …like…in a dream. I can’t thank  the Government enough  for finding me worthy of the honour. I am glad I got it while I’m still young. I  feel  fuelled and charged into doing more work,to  prove myself even more worthy of  the honour,” says Adnan as  he  prepares  to celebrate  the  honour.

To those who think he is too ‘Pakistani’ for  a Padma Shri  here’s what Adnan has to say:  “I can understand  your  frustration.  I have it(the Padma Shri). You don’t. I am the one  being honoured  by our  Government. You are not.I can understand you frustration and  bitterness.”

Adnan has little patience with trolls. “30 percent of them are  jealous and  frustrated  with their own lives. Another 30 percent  are attention seekers who  like to  bash celebrities just to feel different from the crowd. 20 percent are  misguided  souls. And  the  rest of  the 20 percent actually believe the rubbish they write about people in  the limelight. Why should I believe the trolls when there are  1.3 billion  people  our there who are with me?”

Adnan now prepares  to celebrate  his  Padma Shri. “Of course I’m going to throw  a party  for all my friends  from  the entertainment fraternity. I wish my father was  here to see me get the PadmaShri. He would’ve been so proud of me. I am very happy for Karan Johar for receiving  the PadmaShri. We  often tend to overlook those who work within the commercial  framework.”

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