After Mogul, Subhash Kapoor to Lose Jolly LLB Franchise?

The #MeToo movement continues  to sweep across the Indian entertainment industry, bringing down many careers in its all-encompassing swoop.

The talented director Subhash Kapoor, accused  of sexual misconduct, has  already lost the prestigious bio-pic Mogul on  the  life of music baron Gulshan  Kumar. He is likely to  lose the Jolly LLB Franchise as well.

A   source  close to the  development says, “Fox Star who  produce the   Jolly LLB series  have zero tolerance  for sexual  offences. And Akshay Kumar who  plays  the lead in  the series has made it clear he won’t work with anyone linked  to sexual offences. House Full 4’s director Sajid Khan , also accused of sexual misconduct,  had to be fired onAkshay’s say-so. SubhashKapoor too will have to go.”

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