Airlift Director  Speaks Up About Akshay Kumar Being Ignored


There is  a growing breed of directors who are  unhappy with the  way the popular awards are being doled out.

The most shocking omission this year was Akshay Kumar’s finely nuanced performance in director Raja Krishna Menon’s Airlift.

The  director has finally spoken up for his hero’s absence from the awards lists.

Says Menon, “Airlift  got immense love from the audience. Even today a year-and-a-half after release , it is a film that’s talked-about. How many award-winning films can claim the same? I’ll any day prefer the love of the audience over the  trophies that gather dust in some remote corner of one’s house.”

Menon who is ready with his next film Chef starring Saif Ali Khan says he would rather focus on  his work. “Honestly, the only thing that I can control during the process of filmmaking is to try and do the best possible job of making the film. It’s best to not think about anything else.”

As for Akshay Kumar’s performance being ignored Menon states categorically, “There is no question about the quality of his performance in Airlift. He is simply brilliant in Airlift. Neiher he  nor I or for that matter the audience needs to endorse his performance with an award. I don’t think it’s worth even thinking about. I’d rather focus on my work. And I am sure Akshay feels the same.”

It is being stated that Akshay Kumar was told to perform and attend a recently concluded international awards function. When he expressed his inability to do either as he was shooting in London for Reema Kagti’s Gold they chose to delete his name from the nominations.


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