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Aishwarya & Karisma Dance Together At The Ambanis’s Celebration

All eyes were  glued on Abhishek Bachchan’s  former girlfriend and  wife Karisma  Kapoor and Aishwarya as  they took  to the  floor  at Isha Ambani’s sangeet ceremony.

This was the first time that the two ladies had come face-to-face in all these years after Abhishek’s breakup with Karisma.

Says a  source close  to the  Bachchan parivar, “They were so comfortable with one another. It’s known as maturity. It comes  only with the passage  of  time. Karisma and Aishwarya  not  only danced together they  also spoke to each other like  any two mature individuals.  You can’t  hold grudges  forever.”

This is  not the first  time that Aishwarya has made a  reconciliatory  gesture towards someone who is  not welcome  in  theBachchan family. Earlier she has been reaching out warmly to  Rekha at all the awards functions.

Says  the  source, “It doesn’t mean that the family has forgotten  Abhishek’s ugly breakup with Karisma . You won’t find  JayaBachchan or Abhishek dancing with Karisma.”


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