Aishwarya Loses Her Father

He was the silent force behind Aishwarya’s success. While we saw Aishwarya’s mother accompany her daughter everywhere it was her father Krishna Raj whom Aishwarya took after.

“Though the family knew the end was near, the death has shatteredAishwarya.She was very  close to her father. They had numerous discussions on life and related matters. He played a very important part in the being the person that she is. When he fell ill for the first time in 2008, Aishwarya had done all she could  to ensure his full recovery. This time the relapse just killed him. The family was prepared for the inevitable. The tragedy has deeply affected the entire family,” says a family friend.

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By a cruel coincidence, three of Bollywood ’s Mangalorians belonging to the Tuli community all  lost their fathers within months of each other. In October 2013 Shilpa Shetty’s father Surendra Shetty passed away. Last month Sunil Shetty lost his father Veerappa Shetty. Now  a third Tuli Brahmin from Mangalore has lost her father.

Here’s hoping the Bachchans and the Rais gather the strength to cope with the tragedy.

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