Aishwarya Trolled For Kissing Daughter On The Lips, Gets Support From Her Colleagues

When Aishwarya Rai Bachchan posted a picture in Instagram showing her kissing her little daughter Aaradhya she didn’t know what was waiting to hit her.

Trolls accused her of behaving in a manner unsuitable to a mother.Apparently many in the virtual world feel kissing your daughter on the lips is not a decent way of expressing paternal love.

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Pooja Bhatt who was once in a similar controversy when a picture showing her kissing her father Mahesh Bhatt on the lips had caused a nationwide outrage, says the current reaction to a similar kiss triggers off a feeling of déjà vu in her. “ Since when does a mother need permission from the world to kiss her child?? However to dignify this absurd attack with a response would be to stoop to the very level of the depraved, deprived and the sick.. As far as I am concerned, three cheers to Ash!This brand of nationalism is is the last refuge of the weak.And I am not fooled by it.”

Dia Mirza who champions several women-related causes across the world says, “Seriously??!! Since when was a mother’s display of affection a reason trolling? This is absurd.”

While Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has chosen to maintain a dignified silence to this absurd attack on her display of maternal affection a source close to the Bachchan family says it’s upsetting. “To be targeted for every innocent gesture just because you are who you are,is a little unfair. Aishwarya has stayed away from the social media for this reason only. She knew her every move would be monitored and judged. She hates it. But she will never dignify the trolls with a response.”

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