The Ajay-Aamir War, Ajay Devgan Threatens To Walk Out Of PVR Chain!

It looks like this  is going to be another explosive Diwali for Ajay Devgan this year. Last year he warred  with Karan Johar over the Diwali release of Devgan’s Shivaay and  Johar’s Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.

This  year Devgan is all set to take  on Aamir Khan and  his Secret Superstar.

Don’t let the public declarations of camaraderie between Ajay Devgan and Aamir Khan fool you. There  is  a war  brewing  between the two, what with Aamir using his clout to get more theatres and screens for his Diwali release Secret Superstar than Devgan and his Golmaal Returns.

Apparently Aamir’s friendship with the PVR multiplex chain’s  owner Ajay Bijli has  held him in good stead.Secret Superstar has wangled more than 50 percent of the nation-wide screen  in the PVR chain.

This move has  not gone down well Ajay Devgan and his producers Reliance Entertainment who have threatened to not release Goldmaal Returns in the PVR chain.

Says a well informed  source, “Devgan and his producers’ logic is simple. Why should the other film which is far smaller budgeted, be favoured as compared with Golmaal Returns,  which is being  given a  larger percentage  of  the screens when it is financially far bigger . Devgan is not only unwilling to accept 50 percent of the PVRscreens, he feels  Golmaal Returns should be given a larger share of screens  than Secret Superstar.”

With  the release just days away this face-off between the two Diwali releases  could blow up into a major issue pertaining to the number of shows and screens allotted to films as per their budget and anticipation  among the movie-going  public.

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