Ajay Devgan Patches up With Karan Johar, Did Kajol Intervene?


When it comes  to the movers and shakers of the film industry, Karan Johar can’t keep himself  from being friends with them for too long. He quickly finds ways  to make amends.

His  supposed  patch-up with Ajay Devgan  should surprise no one. Shortly, Devgan and  Kajol will  appear together  on Koffee With Karan .

But is this really a reconciliation? Close friends of the couple say no.

“This is just for  the  photographers. Ajay Devgan has  never  liked  Kajol’s close friends, whether  it is Shah  Rukh Khan  orKaran Johar,” says a  friend of Devgan.

With Johar, the war  came  into the open when  Devgan’s Shivaay  released  on  the same  day as  Johar’s Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.Devgan accused Johar of paying  the unstoppable Kamal R Khan  lakhs of rupees to badmouth  Shivaay. The accusation was  completely  untrue. But Devgan  chose to believe  it and raised a stink about it  in  the media.

Then came  the incident where  Karan Johar was apparently heard badmouthing Devgan in front of his bum chums ,  one  of whom promptly reported the  conversation to Devgan.

“I told you he’s like that,” Devgan is said  to have sniggered to his wife. Thereafter  both husband wife  Devgan and  Kajol cut themselves off  from Karan Johar.

Anyone  who knows Karan well  knows he  can’t stay away from his close friends for too long. He  quickly  patched  up with Kajol.And now she will be  on Koffee With Karan with her husband.

One hears Devgan  has agreed  to be on the show only on his wife’s insistence.

“There will be  none of  the  bantering and flirting that Karan  does with all  his guests, male or female. Devgan gets very put off by the KJo style  of questioning,” says  the source


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