Ajay Devgan Preps For Football Legend’s Role

 This month  , the  very adventurous Ajay Devgan will now  plunge into his most difficult role since Chandrashekhar Azad  in Amit(Badhai Ho) Sharma’s  film on Syed Abdul Rahim, said to be the  founding father  of Indian  football.

 Not only  would  this be the  first role that  requires a special skill  from Devgan, it would also be the first time that he would have to age by 60 years within the span of  the  film’s narration.

 Says a source  close to the project, “Ajay  is not a  football player in  real life. His  little son is. The actor has been  taking football lessons , though the  film doesn’t require him to  actually descend on the field  to play the game.”

 In order  to age  convincingly on screen  the best prosthetics  available for  an actor has been selected.

Says  the  director Amit Sharma, “The aim is  to do something special with the life of a very special athlete by using an actor who is known to bring  an extraordinary  quality to the table.”

 Incidentally  Amitabh Bachchan too plays  a football coach  in almost-complete Jhund whose release date has been  postponed .

 Amit Sharma says  there is no release date  yet for his film. “We are in no hurry to release. This is a film that requires  a huge amount of time  and attention both  on and  off the playing field. There will be lots of special effects. But these should not look like special effects.”

Quite like  Ajay Devgan who is an actor . But he  doesn’t seem  to act on screen.

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