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Ajay Devgan’s Thank God In  Legal Soup



Ajay Devgan in Thank God

The trailer of Indra Kumar’s religious satire Thank God  was  bound to raise some  hackles. It showed  Chitragupta who is the  God of morality , quizzing  earthling Siddharth Malhotra on his conduct as he awaits his place in heaven.

Sure enough, a petitioner from Uttar Pradesh  Himanshu Srivastava has filed  a  case against director Indra Kumar and  actors Ajay Devgan and Siddharth Malhotra for  hurting religious sentiments.

One wonders why  anyone would dare  to attempt  a religious satire in these  sensitive times. Anybody could  tell director Indra Kumar that religious satires were cancelled after  Umesh Shukla’s Oh My God in 2013 got  itself  into trouble .

There was a  time when audiences could actually  laugh at the  antics of Yamaraj in  T Rama Rao’s Lok Parlok. That was in  1979.

Try  pulling the  same  stunt  today and  you are   finished.

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